Help with Student's Glitchy Sound on Project

Here is the project.

The problem is, on the initial play through the music starts a bit late, and then at the end, when he “Finds” the letter, the sounds glitches.

When I reset and run the program again, the sound works as intended. Does anyone have feedback on what the issue could be here?

Here’s how to run the program:

  1. Press Enter to start
  2. Use the arrows to go to the right of the screen.
  3. F - Exit house
  4. Use the arrows to move towards the mailbox.
  5. F - Pick up letter
  6. Go to the door.
  7. F - enter
  8. Move to the center of the couch.
  9. F - sit down
  10. SPACE HOLD - to read

Does anyone else have the problem that their students go overboard and they can’t help debug programs…thank goodness they have eachother :joy:

Hi @emily.kosmack!

Just wondering if any changes were made to this recently?

I tried it a few times and didn’t hear the sound glitch. I’ll try it again on a different computer tomorrow.

keep me posted, thanks!!!

Yes, he made some changes to his controls, but the sound is still glitchy. The sound should start immediately upon play. Does that work for you? It does if I restart and rerun the program. Also, the first time you play it, the sound glitches at the end when he finds the letter. (It works upon restart)

Thanks for helping! He’ll be thrilled if we can figure it out.

The delay when starting is due to the time it takes for the browser to download a large audio file. Once you’ve played the game once the file is cached locally and you don’t have to wait for it to download. I’ve reported to our engineering team that this behavior is causing confusion.

I tried to get it to glitch and couldn’t. He’s either onto something or the different browsers are a factor. I am using Chrome. It really is a cool project. He should be proud of it!