How do we ensure all students have the opportunity to practice at home?

I feel learning the stuff from this unit, like many other skills, requires practice. It’s also a reality that some people learn faster than others. As the gap between the students who “get it” and “currently don’t get it” grows, I’m concerned how my students can get the practice they need without me providing an entire week to finish one stage.

I’d like to use more class time to introduce concepts and help kids get unstuck, and have students do more of the practice and building fluency at home. However, 10-20% of my students don’t have a computer they can use outside of school, and of those, only a portion are able to stay after school to use the lab if I’m there.

Does anyone have systems for addressing this issue? For example, maybe your school provides/loans laptops to students? I’d like to see what systems you or your schools have so I can try to work with my school to maybe build a program similar to yours. It’s already becoming an issue in this unit - I can’t imagine what it will be like for the monster programming unit that is Unit 5.