How many hour do CS Discoveries and Express course require?

Hi. I am doing some lesson planning for next year, maybe some of you did this calculation already but my mind is burnt out already to do that number.
I have 5th grade doing the Express Course and 7th grade doing CS Discoveries.
We meet 2 times per week, 2 hours in total. Do you think we would be able to cover everything?
Is there a magic formula to calculate that? I think I saw it once but I cannot remember.

Thank you so much!.

I’m not sure if I’m answering this correctly, but I do know that each of the lessons has an estimated # of days and that each “day” is estimated at a 45-50 minute class length. Here’s an example of a unit overview that shows the number of days estimated for the different lessons. CS Discoveries 2020-2021 | Problem Solving and Computing I don’t have a magic equation, but this may help.

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Thank you so much!
I was checking that I will have 25 to 30h of instruction in each section.

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