How to get one row/column to show up at a time

I can’t figure out how to get this to work. I have been troubleshooting but now it is “bugging” me that I can’t figure it out. If the picture doesn’t show up, I am working in the Creating Apps with Devices (micro:bit) unit. It is Lesson 9, level 5. Students should be able to use the sliders to update the micro:bit automatically. Only one row and column are supposed to work at a time.

Hi @melissa.griffin,

It’s easy to get confused on this one. The “Do This” instructions tell you to add the ledScreen.clear() but if you add them at the end of the onEvent, nothing really happens because all the lights instantly light up and then disappear. Try adding the ledScreen.clear() just under the var column and var row in each onEvent. That way, the previous lights will be cleared THEN the new lights light up.

Hope that made sense:) Good luck!

Thank you!! Yes it makes sense and I feel ridiculous for not trying that. I appreciate your response so much!!