How to stop a sprite moving after it animated and moving

I have pasted a URL link above to a project. I hope it works.
Question: How do I stop the corgi moving. I’d like it to stop at about X,250.

Hi @glen.strickland.

So, what I see happening is that you have a conditional block telling the parrot to show up as soon as the dog.x value reaches 250, so you’re off to a good start. Add another block or two inside that conditional block that specifically gives dog.x the value you want it to have (such as dog.x=250). Then, every time the draw loop is executed, it will add two to dog.x, which triggers that conditional once dog.x > 250 (let’s say 251). But that loop would then set dog.x to 250 again. You may have to also figure out what the dog.y value is at that point and set it to a specific number.

If this doesn’t make sense, let me know!


Thanks Mike the addition of the y value has made it work how wanted it to and unlocked a lot of concepts for me which has let me add more to it.

Many thanks


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