How to use Debug Commands

Can any one explain how to use the Debug Commands in the Debug Console? Is there a guide or tutorial somewhere? What does Step In, Step Over, Step Out do exactly?



I think the following description is accurate: Step over – An action to take in the debugger that will step over a given line . If the line contains a function the function will be executed and the result returned without debugging each line. Step into – An action to take in the debugger. (from fourkitchens)

So, you really need a function and function call to see the difference in step-in and step-over. On this quick sample, if I quickly click break and then step-in, it goes through the function line by line. If I do the same but click step-over, it runs the function but it doesn’t go through each line but I do stay in the debugger.

“Step out – An action to take in the debugger that returns to the line where the current function was called.”

My example does not have much code so it is hard to see the big differences with step-out and step-over.

I hope that helps a bit. Perhaps others can give further insight.