If score greater than 4 increase velocity?

I have a student who is beginning to design a game. He expects the “chaser” sprite to increase if the score is greater than 4 (lines 79-81) ), but the velocity does not increase. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.


When I look at lines 79-81, it is telling the chase sprite velocity to equal -10 (not increase or decrease by 10). Is that correct? Also, lines 79-81 aren’t being executed because they’re not inside a function or inside the draw loop.

Let me know if I’m missing something.


Thanks, Mike. I will point this out to him.Clearly a newbie CS teacher here! I’m becoming more confident helping them with the lesson steps because I have come to know the definitive solutions, but once they start making the games and using their creativity I’m not much help to them…


Be patient with yourself - I’ve learned so much more from problem solving with students on their projects.