I'm new to teaching CSD - suggestions for anything would be grateful

I am teaching CSD for the first time this coming September. I will have a combination of 9th-12th graders for a full year. I will see them three times a week, one day for 45 min and the other two days for 83 min each.

Do you get through all the lessons in every unit or is there something I should skip?

What do you count as grades and what is your grading policy?

Do you assign homework?

Any other helpful information/tips/suggestions would be grateful.
Thank you

As a general rule I do not assign homework. I try to allow students enough time in class to complete their work. I have never taught CSD, but with CSP you do not have to cover everything in the lesson plans. They provide enough different activities so you can pick activities that will work for your students, as well as scaffold for students of different abilities.