Is there a way to disable getting prompted?

So basically I saw this project that had debugging disabled and it spam prompted me so I couldnt see the project. I just wanted to see how to project worked, but NOOO they HAD to block it. So i was wondering if there is a way to like disable prompts in a way

The only thing that might work is not running the game/app then remixing, then delete prompt("put something here");

If it’s a game lab project, then it’s most likely to prevent hacking.

Oh yeah, I’m also wondering how to disable that too mind helping me? Sorry if it’s offtopic.

its the game labs issue here, most optimized way to get user input values is only through “prompts”, personally that is also annoying to us because when test our games we have to go thought it all too, but we cant do much about it (in most cases), you could try getting a prompt blocker but u will need to to constantly disable it to test other user input based games.

I agree that prompts can be annoying when spammed. It is possible to use the keyboard to get user input, but prompts are the only way to

  1. completely pause the game from running without crashing it
  2. get user input on mobile