Is there a way to have math symbols display in text fields?

We are trying to have the square root of 2 over 2 display as a label. Is there a way to do this without using an image. I can do this in other text vehicles with mathtype or inserting equations…

well you’d probably want to use the unicode representation which should be
\u221A or &#221A; depending on the type of text wrapper it’s being put in
In your instance of √(2) / 2 you’d do something like this

setText("label1", "\u221A(2) / 2")

will display the proper output… though you can also use the un-escaped representation most of the proper math programs use image representation for the sole reason of getting symbols like this to look better, though if that doesn’t really matter to you using this would be a good option

Hi @watson.lewis,

The short answer is that there is no wysiwyg solution in AppLab that works like MathType. This is because MathType is actually doing some encoding behind the scenes in order to turn the character you want in to the text symbol or graphic. In App lab, by contrast, you are simply seeing the plain rows of text and in pure ASCII text, the symbols don’t appear so nicely. If you’re willing to do a little digging in to unicode characters, you can come up with options as @varrience’s solution displayed. Other than that, I think we’re out of luck with formatting equations!

Thanks! Images will need to be the solution.
I appreciate the help.
Thanks and enjoy,