Lesson 14 - Issue with transfer of code

Student is having some issues with their game. They copied their code from Lesson 7 and transferred the code to Lesson 14 and the scales and placement are thrown off. This student would modify their scale however was seeing a damage in it’s quality. Could anyone take a look and see what the issue may be? Thank you!

Lesson 7:

Lesson 14:

Hi @burnsk,

I looked in their Animation panes on both and I noticed the trees themselves didn’t import at the same scale:

vs. .

So it appears the scaling issue is in the animation pane itself, not in the coding. I had the two panels open in different tabs and re-copied the tree from 7 into 14. That seemed to fix it on my end. Have the student go back & check if something similar works.

This looks like a fun level – can’t wait to see how this turns out!
–Michael K.