Lesson 17 help with sounds

In the code below, the student I am working with is setting it up so that when the sprite (guitar) is clicked the music plays. The problem is that when the sprite is clicked multiple times the music begins multiple times. Is it possible to start the sound with a click over the sprite but not have it restart and play multiple tracks with each click?

Thank you for any help you can provide with this,


Looks like the student currently has it set so the music plays when the guitar is high enough on the page. Maybe they disabled the “clicking on it to play” feature. If they still want to implement that, one thought could be to have it first “stop playing” all sounds when you click on it and then start playing the music. If they did that, it would first stop all the sounds so each time they clicked, they would start playing the music fresh.

Hopefully that makes sense, but please let us know if we can help any further with it.


This helped. Thank you!