Map Levels-Gifted

With my partner, we discussed that sometimes gifted students believe they are so advanced that they know it all. For these students, I make them teacher assistants. I have them sit by the low-level students who are often stuck or confused so they can use their expertise to help them out.

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We were discussing that you need to get to know your students in these cases. Some gifted students make great peer-tutors, others are better left to enrichment opportunities where they can really show their skills.



I agree with Jonathan, but also introduce the students to Screencasting so they can create helpful guides in a website (using learned skills) to help future generations of CSD students!



Students who are GT don’t always work well with others and being put into the role of teacher assistant could actually get pretty stressful for them. One way to help GT students would be to have them create a visual representation of the map levels, a classroom poster, or a video on Flipgrid or something else. Additionally, students could have a few choices of what to do if they get done ‘early’.


That is a great idea! Providing additional resources and creating additional challenges for them to complete within free play is a great way to challenge those students.