Missing Watcher Window

Now and then, I have a student who doesn’t have a watcher window to the right of the debug console (see image). They can’t seem to drag it back into existence and we haven’t found a view option that can be changed. How do I fix this?
Carol Ramsey

I believe this is a function of their browser. Chrome is the recommended browser, so if they are on a different the "what it should look like picture’ may not show (Safari for example)

I took a quick look at this. What I am seeing is that it has to be explicitly turned on for each lesson and bubble that needs it. So if a bubble doesn’t have it then it wasn’t turned on by whoever created that bubble.

Either it was overlooked or the teacher who created this didn’t think students would need it. If you find your students do need it just open a ticket for it.

Most students have it, I’ll check if the few that don’t are using a different browser.

@carol.ramsey If the browser doesn’t fix the issue, I would send a message on to support so hey can double check that there is not a bug.