Moving text in Game Lab

Is there a way to make text move (counter pattern?)in Game Lab?

Try this:
To make “text” move horizontally, set a variable like: var Words = 0 (Do not use “text”).
In The Draw Loop add: Words = Words + 1 (use -1 to move text to the left).
In the text command, replace the value of x with Words:
text (“your moving text”, Words, 50);

Good Afternoon @langilla1,

I will give you clear instructions of how to achieve this goal.

#1. Create a variable named anything, for my case I will use x.
var x;

#2. Assign the variable
var x = 0;

#3. In a loop (preferably the draw loop), add an increment operator or just use the method mentioned below.

//i will use addition for mine. remember you can do any operation depending on what you want
//or you can use
x += 1 //if you do not know, this is the same as x = x + 1

#4. Then in the text syntax, put your variable in the x or y
text("Hello world!", x, 200)

I hope this had helped!

Thank you so much! It makes sense to use “words” and not text.