Need a Key for CSP Unit 1 Lesson 10

Is there a key available?

Hi @mschlager,

A key doesn’t currently exist. I’ll forward your request.

Meanwhile, was there a specific question you had? I can give you my take on it.


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Hi Frank,

Right now I am working on the internet simulator. Unit 1 - Lesson 11.
I am sending messages back and forth. Not forming or adding packets. The BIG picture here - why would I add packets if I can send messages in “chunks” of 8 letters or less?

Challenge: Develop a protocol for reliably sending a message across an unreliable network

An Unreliable Internet Simulator: The current version of the Internet Simulator is modeled after some actual constraints of the Internet

• Messages must be divided into packets which may contain at most eight (8) ASCII characters

• Messages should be long enough to require at least 10 packets

• Packets may not arrive in the order sent

• Packets may be dropped while in transmission

Directions: In a group or individually join a router in the Internet Simulator and practice sending messages given these new constraints. Once you are comfortable with the challenge, iteratively design a protocol that can reliably send a message to a partner. You and your partner should join DIFFERENT routers.

Hi Frank, I see there is a BIG advantage. You can line up all your words - then send them all at once. I know the object is a protocol, but first my “newbie” kids have to know how this tool works!
I am ok!

I am good on this also. Looked and several students answers and pieced together a key.