Need Coding Project Ideas

Hey guys,
I need some help with some basic coding projects my kids could work on. These would be done in Python on a code editor like Pycharm. We’ve done a “choose your own adventure.” Now we need something else.
Any suggestions would greatly help.

I’ve seen a couple of projects circling around on Replit of users creating some “boss fight” games, where there’s an opponent or monster that you have to defeat in order to win.
You could have them incorporate some story-lines into the mix, or let them explore introducing math into their projects - this way they can be creative and make their game their own creation, while at the same time teaching them to use math in their code as well as using problem-solving during debugging.

If they’re more experienced they could try a small 2D scrolling game. (Think along the lines of Flappy Bird or Geometry Dash, where they have to control a character and avoid obstacles).

Thank you! I’ll check this out.