Other things to do with circuit playgrounds?

Besides the code.org unit, can anyone point me to other things to do with the CPs? I have the CP express versions so I can use them with makecode and so know about many of the projects listed there (haven’t gone through all of them). But does anyone have any other things they do? Thinking of fun things like the microbit’s rock, paper scissors, and star wars game but for the CPX. Have found this which is interesting for a series of independent challenges:
CPX_TTT_Halfpage.pdf - Google Drive

@GordonBrune ,

I have only seen the CS Discoveries lessons and the MakeCode lessons. I assume you are referring to the lessons on the Adafruit website when you refer to MakeCode.

Other than that, I haven’t seen any other 3rd party ready-made projects. I, too, would be curious if there are other resources out there!


@GordonBrune This really got my brain going! I started doing a little searching and came across this page with all sorts of neat ideas: Programming the Circuit Playground Express

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Thanks so much! I’ve been googling and did not come across this one. I look forward to checking it out!