Pictures not floating to right

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Link to the project or level:
What I expect to happen: all pics to got to right with margin of 10
What actually happens: some float a little, some not at all
What I’ve tried: adding an img class for images, adding div, no luck
please help-thanks


I remixed you project and tried a combination of what you said you had tried already, so see if this is kind of what you are after.

I created a div with a class of right. Inside that div, I placed the image and the caption (using the tags <figcaption> .... </figcaption>

Then, I styled that div to float to the right (rather than the images themselves).

The tag you (your student) used p2 isn’t really a legitimate html5 tag, so that could have been part of the problem. I removed that and used either regular paragraph tags or the figcaption tags.

I did the first two images this way. See if this is what they are after.

Good luck!