Pilot - U2L09 - Project - Multi-Page Websites



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My students are slowly moving along in Unit 2 with their web pages. We took a few days to get everyone caught up so that we can finish with classes.

A few students have wanted to add the features that classes allow us to do, but I told them to hold off for a bit and now it is coming into play and they are excited.

One tip for puzzle 2 - have student click RUN before they attempt to change the RGB numbers, or it will frustrate them.

On puzzle 8 students see an example of using classes and they want to use that same .fancy rule set when modifying puzzle 9 and winter, remind them to create their own style for winter to be added to winter (not to use .fancy), be sure to check in after puzzle 9, so they understand how to do the same type of task for puzzle 10 with spring.


Thanks for identifying those levels for others to check in at @nicole. When you say students were frustrated on puzzle 2, do you think there’s a way to make the level instructions more clear? Did students spend a significant amount of time trying to use the app before running it, or was it more a short lived irritation?


@nicole do you think this would solve for your students’ confusion?


I love the instructions on the front of the widget! Very helpful for students who don’t like to look for instructions to follow the first step and want to just start exploring.



On puzzle 2 students would try to move their mouse around the screen and only get the cross navigation,which wouldn’t let them change the RGB colors, so adding the instruction on the widget is awesome.


I have a student who is a little more advanced and wanted to try to make his links look like buttons. We used the help on W3Schools and found some great help. He has all, but one of his pages linking correctly using the button links. The All About Me.html page links are linking out to blank pages. I can’t find the error. Would someone else mind taking a look? I’ve copied the code from the pages that are functioning correctly and I still can’t get it to work. Thoughts?


The links seem to work fine for me, but you may be running into issues because there are spaces in the file names. While some browsers will still work with spaces in the filenames, it’s technically not allowed and can cause links to not work as expected.