Pilot - U3L11 - Conditionals

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11 students, 9-12th Grades with little experience in CS.

U3L11 - Booleans and Conditionals

This was a good lesson for students to catch up and others to get familiar with the logic of programming. They didn’t really understand the beginning puzzle, because it jumped right into the x & y of the sprites, which I think the struggling students were struggling to conceptualize a “word” in a math problem.
The video and map level helped explain the ideas of the entire Lesson then the individual puzzles were good. A few students struggled to get the apple to stop growing, not making the connection that the if statement could have as many commands inside it if they wanted.
The “submit” level was good for them to exercise some problem solving skills to figure out when the balloon touched the sides THEN go to the programming - glad that number wasn’t given and they had to use the console.log to watch the values (or watchers).
Next time I’ll talk through the first puzzle more directly, this time I had them do it on their own because of the video afterwards.