Please Post Exemplary Examples of 2.6 Encode an Experience

Looking for any exemplary examples of the 2.6 Encode and Experience.

*Reviewed 15-16ā€™ but am only seeing (1) exemplary example?

Here are a couple my students made


Here is an example of one of my very artistic students
She had a data sheet attached as well.

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This is a nice creative visual; thank you.

Thank you! These are helpful.

A couple of my favorites:

This one went a little above and beyond:

This one is a little more simplistic, but well-written and thought out:

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Thank you so much for sharing the Wheezer document, can you share out the second one as well. Iā€™d love to see the range.
Thank you.

Encoding an Experience-Washing my hair

The misconception that my students may have, is thinking that they are expected to actually create codes, instead of just understanding that they are actually writing down or planning out a process. Providing them with exemplars may be necessary to help them understand the task expectation.


This is one of the ones that I created for my students.


Thank you - this helped so much!

Thanks a million! Really helped!

Thank you for posting these. The examples were really helpful!

These examples were so helpful! Thank you for posting!

Excellent examples! Thank you so much for posting these.