Post AP - What do you plan on doing?

Hi all! There is a post on this but it’s out of date, and I’ve love to see what you guys are doing after the AP exam. I have about 9 days of classes to fill.

I am doing a unit on ChatGPT and AI. I’ve got it slated for 10 days.

The big ideas are:
0. Permission slip (kids are under 18 and I want them to interact with the tool)

  1. What is AI/ how does it work? (Lecture/activity based)

  2. ChatGPT - What’s the buzz? (There have been other things like this. Why this, why now? What are people saying - what is the impact to schools/the workforce)

  3. Rapid Research and Paper- students use GPT to learn about a thing and write a one page article about it(Pull a topic from a hat. The Water Cycle to things like How Everything but the Girl has been influenced by different decades of music - note they put out an album this year that GPT doesn’t know about)

  4. Analyze the process with regards to their own learning, encountered biases, accuracy of information

  5. Create a 1 pager for the admin of our school. What is the impact for student learning. When is the line crossed (what are the consequences)

Our “final” will be a fishbowl discussion that admin are invited to where the students discuss how they think this innovation impacts society and suggestions they have for what the school should consider when planning for next year.


I taught “shop” for 20 years before switching to CS and still have access to my shop. After the exam, I give them the option to either complete a CS project (something that benefits the school) or I teach them some basic G and M code to run a plasma cutter and then teach them to weld. Same code works on our vinyl cutter and 3D printer, so in my head it ties things up!

In case anyone’s following along, here is a link to the folder for this unit. Right now it contains slides for the first day and a permission slip/letter of explanation for families of students under 18. The folder will continue to be populated as we go!

I use the AP CSP Data Tools lessons from '18-'19 on :slightly_smiling_face:

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