Protocol:The GOOD the BAD the UGLY

I would like to see some examples of well written protocol.

Hi @lisa.mcdaniel

Maybe some of the pilot teachers have examples of student work. @terence.stone25 @anmrobnott @caroline @karenma @kaitie_obryan @bhatnagars do you guys have any examples?


@dani and @lisa.mcdaniel Here is a post that I shared yesterday that has a few student examples.

Here is what the students said they liked or would change about the protocols:

After this discussion we did the formatting text protocol and students definitely took more time with the protocol and had more attention detail. I think it is helpful to make a distinction between “good/bad” WRITING of protocols and “strong/weak” protocols. Students were noticing inefficiencies, which was great, but I really wanted to focus in on the communication/writing of protocols today. We will see how this next round looks!