Pseudocode Lists start at index 1!

In my desperate efforts to be a true nerd I am, as my students say, triggered by this travesty. Arrays always start at index 0. right? Isn’t this canonical? Isn’t it cool that I used the word canonical. But lists in pseudocode (which, in my class we now call suedocode cause it sounds cooler) lists in suedocode start at index 1! Aaaargh.

… walks off in a huff

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This is a feature of the CB’s language. If encountering arrays for the first time, I suppose it might be easier to learn that way and then switch after getting a foundation.


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I hammered this home with my students the entire time we worked with lists. It’s so confusing to new programmers to learn index-0 only to have the pseudocode shift it to index-1. Fingers crossed that they remember and have clarity while they take the exam (right now!!!).