Quick little U3 L3 desmos card sort

Can be used for a warm up, or an exit ticket - It would be better if I had the grid on when I took screenshots - may go back and fix that, but it’s doable now… Desmos Card sort on ordering code


This is so cool. Do you have any Desmos Activities for Chapter 2 in Unit 3.

I don’t - this was actually the first desmos activity I’ve created. I plan on doing more, and realized that in addition to doing the grid I need to add some little indicators on there for kids who are color-blind (which I really didn’t think about until I was having my algebra 2 class do an activity and they were asked to identify a graph by color…I have one student who is completely color blind and he had to remind me he couldn’t tell any of the graphs apart by color…so for something like these circles, I need to have another indicator…)

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Thank you for creating this!