Randomizing Scale of Sprite - *Problem*

Hi there,
My question is this: Why does randomizing the scale size of the “text” sprite only work with whole numbers and not decimals? When using decimals, the text will do no growing/shrinking… Why does the image disappear with anything set less than 1? The student wants to have the text random sizes while the program is run. Thank you for any help.


Hi @sheri.mcnair,

The “randomNumber” block generates a random integer. If you want it to scale to a decimal value, you may wish to generate a random number integer and then divide by 10 to make it into a decimal.

For example, to get a tenths-value decimal, I’d generate a random number between 0 and 10, and then divide that number by 10.

In line 21, the code is trying to generate a random integer that exists between 1 and 2, not inclusive of 1 and 2. Such a number doesn’t exist. I tried something like what I described above & it seemed to work.

Can you try it out & report back if you need more assistance?

–Michael K.


That did the trick. Thank you so much! I so appreciate your help.

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