Remix of CSD Unit 3 Lesson 20: Side Scroller Game - will not appear

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Link to the project or level: (]
What I expect to happen: [The side-scroller game to appear on the screen]
What actually happens: [The game will not appear]
What I’ve tried: [I get a message about line 38 and it needing to check between sprites, both player1 and obstacle are sprites. I tried renaming the player to player1 and that did not help. This student’s game ran fine for days and then this message appeared. ]


I think your problem is on line 13. obstacle is “re-declared” as a number, so after that line, it is no longer a sprite.

Maybe they meant for it to be obstacle.scale = 0.15;

Also, on line 98, player should probably be player1

Hope this helps!