Rotate a polygon?

I want to draw a triangle with the peak of the triangle centered over the center of the base of a triangle. The documentation for polygon doesn’t show how to rotate the polygon. Is it not possible? It’s important for creating a Christmas tree in Unit 4 lesson 1-4. Thanks, jr

The polygon does not have any ability to be rotated, but you could use drawShape with an array of point coordinates.

Got it. That’s what I figured, just checking. jr

Could you show me the syntax of the drawShape method? Would the array of points be two consecutive integers are a point?

drawShape({0,0,50,50,0,50},true) would draw at (0,0) (50,50) , (0,50)?

That is correct.

This code:


public class MyTheater {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Scene myScene = new Scene();
    myScene.drawShape(new int[]{0,0,50,50,0,50},true);


Creates this picture:

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