Sample Poster Example?


Does anyone have a sample picture of a finished poster? I would like to show some examples.



Were you able to get any examples? I too, would like some examples to share with my students. If you have, do you mind sharing, I would really love it!

My email is :slight_smile:


I teach CSD in the high school setting. I gave students a choice to make a poster or make some slides to talk over. Everyone chose to make slides. I can share some of those with you if you’d like.


I would like to have copies too! Or even a picture of some posters together would be great!


Yes, I would like some examples!



As a first time teacher of this course, I too would appreciate samples. Thank you!


Here is one.


OH MY GOODNESS, THIS IS AWESOME! Thank you for sharing this! My students started this on Friday and I was worried about how this is going to end. Now I can show them a finished product and they can visual how this could look as they start to put this together! Thank you!!!


No problem. I would say this was one of the better examples.


Thank you so much for this! This is awesome!!


Would you mind sharing some of your students examples with me. I appreciate it. Thank you


Thanks for sharing! This will certainly motivate my students.