Score will not show

I have looked this over multiple times and can’t find the mistake. The score will not show.

I think there’s a discrepancy between the variable score and the text score. Take a look at lesson 19 bubble 10 Line 26 of the base code. I think that should give an idea of what it should look like to make it work.

Your two text blocks have extra parameters. You only need an x and a y value (two parameters). The 3rd and 4th parameters designate where the text box ends and in the case of your score, the bottom right corner of the text box is above the top of the box.

In other words, if you use the left arrow on the block to get rid of the 3rd and 4th parameters and only use an x and a y value, it should work… but, you may need to adjust the y value as it appears to be very high…

Hope this helps!