Screen won't change after called to be

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  • When I need it to change after something hides after a certain amount of time it will just go to a blank screen

  • I really am struggling as this project is due on Wednesday and I still have lots of levels to go

  • I would really appreciate it if someone could help me

Also it only works for level one at the moment

First, let’s get rid of anything that you created in advance. Any screens not being used, especially the blank ones need to be deleted. Now we can delete anything that isn’t being used.

Having done that there is far less code to debug. Plus if a blank screen shows up it won’t be because there is a blank screen.

We run it again. We still get a blank screen. We know there is no blank screen.

So first we look at maybe there is a screen with no visible elements on it. We go to the REPL and type in setScreen("levels"). But we can’t type anything into the REPL.

That means there is a runaway process using up all our processor time.

Control-f to bring up the search window. Let’s search for stopTimedLoop. It isn’t there at all.

What do you think that means?