Scrolling background

We’re working on free lance game project in Game Lab. Is there a way to make the background scroll/move so it looks like the player is traversing?

Hi @michael.coyner,

To my knowledge, not directly. However, there are some clever tricks you can do with sprites where you make it look as though the background is moving.

Think about what a scrolling background would look like and how you could mock that up with sprites. What behaviors could you mimic?

Hope that helps!

–Michael K.

add velocity to background sprite and have it repeat? but then you’ll see the edge of the bg sprite as it progresses, no?

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Try it out! :slight_smile: If you notice an edge, think about how you can change the sprite’s animation so the edge isn’t visible.

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got it it work…used 2 bg sprites. once the 1st one off the screen reset x pos to after 2nd bg x pos. except for the seam between the two sprites, it works. thx:)

p.s. I like how you turned ‘teacher’ on me!


Glad to help! I’ll bet it felt better to find your own solution than it would have had I told you the answer, too.

Hmm… wonder how this relates to students? :wink:

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