Section 8: Events

How are events introduced and taught in the curriculum?
Events are introduced by first introducing the vocabulary word and getting students familiar with the idea that an event causes something to happen. Example: Event is when you raise your hand - the teacher call on you.
Students are led in a discussion about events in their life that they already know about such as the recess whistle blows, you hit power on your remote, etc.
Afterwards, depending on the grade level, students are shown an image of a remote with different shapes on it (more shapes for higher grades). Each time you touch a shape it is an event that causes the class to do something, such as you touch the star and the students applaud.

How might you implement an unplugged lesson on events with students?
I would follow the lesson plan closely. I appreciate the connection to students. I might modify to have student leaders cause the event by being in control of the remote OR have them break into groups and take turns leading the group.