Sending numbers activity

Hi there,

Before teaching this for the first time, I created a version of this activity and would like to ask for some feedback.
So, my approach to drawing a star was to plot the points( x,y) on the grid so that x corresponds to the numbers of the squares across from the left and y to the squares from top down.

So let’s say I get coordinates for the star that look something like this: starting from a dot on the left (3,12), (90,12), (4,80), (50,3), (80,80), (3,12). (To be honest I have not counted the squares, I just assumed)

Then the next step would be to send this information in a 7 bit chunk ( to get the number 90) using the simulator to a partner.
Would this be an acceptable possible solution here? Am i missing something here?


Yes that would work. The thing you may want to think about before you teach this - would your protocol work for any figure? how would you handle disconnected components?

thanks for the answer and will think about the questions. But technically it looks like I did not draw the points there, I just connected dots to form the shape.

I guess with programming, I would do small circles in those areas so we can see them along with the lines.