Simple TDD library for students

At the CSTA conference this weekend I was inspired to build a library that will allow students to use blocks and/or a simple JavaScript syntax for unit testing.

Use this ID to import the library k9lMltOxqXBqO60Qgv8VWiHwemxePHwOk-1PwJDWEeM

Here is the description of the library mentioned above.
“This library tests a function to see if the actual output is the same as the expected output. It only works on functions that input/output numbers, strings, arrays, and dictionaries. For arrays and dictionaries, it only works if they contain only numbers and strings as values.
It does not work for objects or arrays with arrays, objects, or methods as values.”

It seems like a great idea!
It looks like students could use it to test their work. How else do you envision this being used?