Small class size


I’m gearing up to run 1.10 with my class, but there are only 6 students. I’m worried about how much they’re going to discover about router traffic and behavior with only 3 routers with 2 students each. Has anybody else tried this lesson with such a small class size?

I think I remember being told the traffic patterns are artificially created for demonstration purposes anyway, so will the simulator let me add empty routers to allow messages to bounce around a little more?


yep. Just add more routers than you need. Should work.


I also have a small class size of 6. We had 3 routers with 2 students on each. But when the students sent messages to each other, the log only showed it went from 2 to 1 or 2 to 3. I didn’t see anywhere in the log where it would show if it went from 1 to 2 to 3. Would I only see that if I had more than 3 routers. There is a question that asks about router paths, but I wasn’t sure where to tell them where to find that information.


I’m going to try this adding more routers. I have 2-3 students in my classes, so I’ve had to participate with them. We’re doing this lesson tomorrow. I’ll report back on how this goes. I’d be interested, generally, in how teachers are adapting this material for tiny class sizes.


Turns out you can add tons of routers. It’s not as exciting perhaps as a room full of students, but the point does get across.

In one of my classes, in which I have 2 students, the two of them were on 1 router and I was on another. They shared some messages, and then I dropped in. One student quickly figured out that it was me. The other freaked out asking, “Who is 5.12?!! Who is 5.12!” It made for a good chuckle.

Laura, did you get your question answered? There’s a widget setting that shows “all routers” which should should you the information you’re looking for.