Spawn Sprite on Another

Hello, one of my students are trying to make a feature in lesson 25 were there’s an enemy, and when a timer is complete the enemy [reaper] spawns in the minion [ske] And nobody in my class knows how to do it. If you could help it be really uhh helpful!

Also here is my students game link. Game Lab -


It seems like the first thing they might want to work on is the timer. Here’s a link to a previous post in the forum on how to create a countdown timer in GameLab.

Then, instead of a message that says “time’s up”, they could have a sprite show up (either by making an invisible sprite visible or by moving a sprite that’s off the screen somewhere to the location of the minion.

Hope this helps. If they start making it and run into problems, let us know and we are happy to look at it.