Spelling Check Feature?

Is there a way to spell check in the web lab?


There isn’t a built-in spell check because the spell checker might go crazy with all of the < h1 > and < img > being used, very little of the HTML would pass through the traditional spell check. I know individual browsers have spell check options (often found in the setting or preferences of the browser itself). This feature also allows the right click and suggested words, but keep in mind that a lot aren’t traditional english words.

One trick I use with my students is to see if the keywords change colors. if they misspell src as scr (which they do a lot), it doesn’t change colors and isn’t recognized. So if it’s an issue with the keywords, looking for colors makes that the computer recognizes and accepts it as a command.

Let me know if that answered your question,


Yes, thanks to colored code! It is worth explicitly mentioning to students that the colors are meaningful and they should learn what colors things are when they are correct.

Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry.