Sprite behind text but in front of sprite background

I have looked and looked for an answer to this question before posting but can not find. I am trying to get my text to appear behind a sprite while using a background as a sprite. I know this is possible if I just use a basic color as a background but when a sprite is used as a background I can only get the text to appear in front of all the other sprites when I place it after the drawsprite()block. I want the text to appear behind the pump. Can anyone advise how to do this. I have rearranged in many ways without any luck.
Thank you. https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/ov5gPAadaEVBnYcTnnNFfhRYAe9JKg3l8BxUYqxUHEw

Since you are trying to place text in between two sprites and the sprites are drawn both at the same time, that is a bit problematic.

You could create the text in Photoshop or a different photo editor and then save it as an image and upload it to be used as a sprite, but outside of that, I’m not aware of any way to sandwich text in between two sprites.


sorry i cant help,how about we work together to teach students and we will make things easy for us.