Sprite.istouching question Game Lab CSD Unit 3


I have a student that is using constant motion in his game. It is a goal post for football. He wants the score to go up if the football and sprite end up touching, however, if the ball misses the travelling goal post, he wants the game to end. Is this possible?

Hi @mcmastersha,

It looks to me like the student figured it out. The score goes up when it touches the posts and does not when it misses.

Nice job!


If the question is how to make the game end, perhaps he could have a “Game Over” sprite appear when the ball gets above a certain height on the screen.


Oh yes. I thought there was something I was missing since the game looked to be working:) You could also show the game over sprite if the score does not change from the value it is when you click the a key. So many options!