Sprites redrawing frames

There is a student trying to make an app for his ELA class using Game Lab however his background sprite seems to continuously redraw itself when trying to play a zoom in animation. It shouldn’t be doing that and should just zoom in on the screen and out normally without making it look like some sort of motion blur. We have tried deleting the frames after copying them in case it was the 2 frames in one glitch but cannot seem to fix the problem. This also happened to another student (not mine) that was drawing clouds in the sky but they would continue redrawing themselves after a certain point. (Like in this case) This question came up before in 2019 but the solution did not work. The old forum was titled “Glitch sprites”.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank You!

Here is the project in question:

Hi @prabhukrish710,

The redrawing of the sprite is caused by no background being drawn each time through the loop. So that a background is drawn each time the sprite background is resized/changed and drawn, line 23 should be added/inserted to the top of the draw loop. When I do this, the backgrounds zoom and are not being redrawn.

Another piece to troubleshoot: the text on lines 25 and 26 only show briefly. A general rule for text is to place those lines of code after the drawSprite code.

Try those tips and let us know if you have any other questions.

Ah thank you so much Ms. Melynn! If I could pardon you for one more question, (this is after we fixed above mentioned) whenever we reload the webpage his project is on, the animations get all messed up. The animations end up getting squished in one frame and I can’t figure out why. Any help would be immensely appreciated. (when the images for each frame are uploaded, code.org starts lagging a lot with each successive upload.)
If you look at the project again you should notice that. Please be advised the student’s visuals are “creative”.

This might be a question for support@code.org.
If you can, try it on a different computer and see if it happens again.

Thanks for the suggestion! I ended up just coding my own handler for the frames and make each one it’s own animation. Hopefully code.org can make the animations a little less buggy for those willing to go through the whole trouble of making a high quality/large frame count animations.

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If you think that would be helpful for teachers please send your suggestion to support@code.org. They do look at suggestions for improving the curriculum and their platform.