Stand Alone Units in CSP

Hello there,
Within the 2021-2022 version of CSP, which units can be taught as a stand-alone unit? I have students for two classes per week and have found that we move very slowly through the curriculum. Does have recommendations for this type of class?

I have found success teaching Unit 9 about data as a stand alone unit and I am looking for another unit that can be used in this way.

I am leaning towards Unit 4 Variables for a stand alone unit. Is it able to be taught without having completing Unit 3 Intro to App Design?

Thank you for your collaboration!

I think you could do Unit 4, but that there are parts of U3 that might need to be woven in. I would probably try to do U3 lessons 1, 2, 6, and 7 prior to U4 (I could maybe skip 7 if you’re really pressed for time). Otherwise I think that U4 could be a lot… not because of the concepts, but because of how they interact with app lab and the big picture of what “coding” is. I would worry that kids would feel like coding is hard, but really they just are having trouble with the tool.

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Thank you, Madeline. Does provide a document which provides an express version of the course?