Students adding emojis to HTML code



My students are adding the emojis (by right-clicking) to their HTML code. They are also copying weird fonts off the internet and placing them in their code.

How does that affect later chapters and CSS? Will it mess everything up?


Mrs. Bardelli,

I shouldn’t if they can do it on an earlier level, but it also might be a good time to dive into what each of those things actually are and how they got on the internet in the first place. For the Emojis check out: Unicode Full Emoji List and you can even look at ASCII and how ASCII had limitations, so they developed unicode which gave more characters (based on binary and the number of possibilities) for other countries, but then also emojis (Britannica - youtube video). For the fonts, I would look into and show students how to search all the available fonts and then copy the reference into their HTML or CSS and use the fonts correctly.

Hope that helps,


I usually allow students to do whatever they can figure out when they’re working in HTML then use these changes as a springboard about why CSS is so helpful. Things like, what if I want that font to be purple on all my pages? You made that change on index.html, but now you’d have to make that change on all of your pages if you want them all to be purple. CSS lets you do it with one command. That kind of thing. It’s a teachable moment that may cause a little frustration, but not too bad. I usually make the final project rubric say something like all the styling has to be in CSS and not in HTML. It’s interesting to let them problem solve that.