Suggestions for Changes in Project Guide


I wasn’t sure if this was the right place, it isn’t a bug. The Project Guide for the app proposal has a few things I would change. First, in #6, I would put the table for the inputs before the App Sketch and the Output Information. It just seems kind of backwards. Also in step 6 I would change the wording for the Process part. I want them to also explain what the app is doing - even if it is doing the same thing but faster I want them to say that. For example, I have a group where there app that takes the food allergy you have and returns recipes without that allergen so if you wanted to make a seafood dish and you had a milk allergy it would give you recipes with no dairy. The computer would scan through tons of recipes and come back with those that do not have dairy in seconds. It would take a person doing that same task months.


hi @amacdonald! Thanks for the feedback! I will bubble this up to the team :relaxed:


I have modified the Project Guide somewhat:

  1. my students don’t do it as partners (I find that hard to grade) so I took that out
  2. I allow my students to do a Poster or a Google Sides presentation
    3 I added a table for the Output that look similar to the Input, and added more sources of information and examples
  3. I made Processing and Storage their own Steps
    5 After Peer Review, I have them list one thing they will change based on the peer review.
  4. I have also updated the rubric.

Here is the link to my shared google folder for these changes:



Could you share it with me?


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Could you share this with me


I am interested to see your changes. Please share with me at Thanks.


Laura, would you mind sharing your project guide with me?

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I would love to have a copy of the revised project guide!


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Could you email me the modifications you made to the App project guide?


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Can I get a copy as well please


Could you share it with me please! Thanks! My email address is


could you share it with me aswell?



Hi Laura, I would love to see your changes. Thank you.


Hi Laura,

Could you please share it with me as well?

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You’re awesome! I’d love to see your changes as well. My email address is Thanks a ton!