Text After Draw Loop



I have a student who put in multiple draw loops and sprites into his “animation scene”. At the end, he put in a text box to display text. It doesn’t matter where we put the text, it will not work. Any suggestions?


klewis - would you be able to post the code being used, As you know JaveScript is sequence sensitive and it would be good to see where the text is to see if something is occluding it.



@klewis, would you be able to share a link to this?? thanks!!!


I am working with a student also. Was there an answer to adding text after the draw loop?


Hi Jillian,

The text needs to be inside the draw loop (or it will be covered up by the background, but after drawSprites is called. When you create a sprite, you’re kind of creating a stamp. You can move it around or change what’s on it, but nothing will show up on the screen until you call drawSprites, which basically tells the program to stamp ALL the sprites onto the screen. So, you’ll need to draw your text after that happens.