Tool for Robot PseudoCode?

Long shot here - does anyone know if there is an online tool similar to what was created here for Human Machine Language:

Or here, similar to what Baker made for college board’s pseudo code:

BUT for Robot movement questions - I want to make questions like in this quizzez but make them easily (not have to make a grid, etc…)

Just trying to save time if there is already a such a tool…

Thanks in advance.

Hi @stephen_p_sell ,

I don’t know of a tool, but at some point in the past I took’s handouts on Google Docs and modified them: Robot movement, functions, loops - Google Docs

As in the original documents, the images can be edited to create your own problems.

I have a VERY rough tool at that interprets the CSP pseudocode for robot, but only in text mode.

Here is a sample

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THIS is SO awesome. Can I try using this in my teaching?

This is perfect for what I was looking for. Thank you SO much for sharing it.

Stephen Sell

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Of course you can use it. I promise, with this crazy year, I won’t be making any changes to it until summer.