Tracking certificates earned

Is there any way to track which students have earned certificates so that I can print them other than the student telling me?

Hi @tricia.ober,

I don’t believe there is a way to explicitly track certificates earned, but if you’re referring to the certificates at the end of some of the CS Fundamentals courses, you should be able to track overall student progress through the general classroom control panel.

Depending on your students, you may want to do that anyway since in my experience, some students intentionally or unknowingly skipped some levels and as long as they finish the last bubble of the course, it would seem to grant them the certificate. I would manually check their progress. Either way, there is no notification (if that’s what you were looking for). I suppose you can make it routine to check their progress.

Hope that answers your question!


I use MS Excel to track my certificates earned. I have class list in excel, and put a date in for the certificate when I print them. Last year I had kids working on a course and an hour of code certificate. Tracking it in excel saved me a lot of headache.
I made it a point to check the classroom progress - from the dashboard - to see what students had completed their course for certificates. I also kept a running list in the classroom - this helps when kids would tell me they earned a cert. I also would go to their computer and have them show me the course overview to make sure they had completed all the puzzles in each lesson.