Trying to make sprite disappear

My student is wanting their sprite to disappear after they have clicked on it. We’ve tried having an if-statement saying it it’s pressed then it’s destroyed and that didn’t work. We tried to move it off the screen when it’s pressed and we tried changing the visibility to false.

I just can’t figure out what’s wrong.

P.S. You press the first sprite (archer), then press the bullseye (lvlUpArcher) in the next sprite (lvluprim), and then he wants them both to disappear, but Archer to stay.

@morgan_skjeie ,

I noticed that there is no background block inside the draw loop anywhere. This means that it will draw the sprites and nothing will ever cover them up. So even if it is destroyed or made invisible, the sprite that was drawn the first time will always be there and never be covered up.

Making it invisible only means that it won’t be drawn again. Hopefully, this makes sense, but let me know if not and I’ll try to explain it better. If there is a background block placed inside the draw loop, it should take care of the problem (as long as it is put in the right spot!)

Check back in if they still can’t get it to work.