Two books on cyber security and privacy

I was at a CSP Cooperative Learning workshop in Grapevine, Texas and a gentleman named Darryl (sp?) introduced these books to me…

Data and Goliath (Bruce Schneier):

Future Crimes (Marc Goodman):

Honestly, I’m not sure how I’ll incorporate them yet but they’re both pretty engaging and about the same topic - cyber security and privacy. Basically, so far all they’ve been doing is pointing out how unsecure we all are hahah. The Amazon pages will give much better synopses than I can. All I’ll say is they point out how creepy of a digital world we live in and they give me the heebie jeebies.

They both have free digital samples, so I recommend reading the sample chapters whenever you want to have trouble sleeping at night. :grin:

(And as you read the digital samples, savor the thought of Amazon knowing every digital book you read and exactly which page you are on in each book :grinning: )

I showed my students a cspan book discussion on online privacy.